• The Story of Ryland Junior

    photo credit: Michael Thaxton Photography

    Brooklyn-born Ryland Junior moved upstate to Rochester, NY in the mid-90s, where he got bit by the radio bug. He was host, producer, and dj for The jaythreeoh slowFlow Show for over 13 years, volunteering 20+ hours per week to airtime and show prep. He hosted and DJ’d events throughout his city during his tenure, when he met the love of his life at a nightclub. Eventually quitting radio and DJing, the two married, and had two sons.

    Ryland Junior gave his life to Christ in 2012, exploring a true relationship with God for the first time. In 2015, as his walk with Christ strengthened, he returned to radio; this time, with Christ-centered music. Jesus Peace Radio was born, designed to give glory to the Most High. Music was now edifying to Believers of Christ, and evangelizing to those who didn’t know Him.

    Then, in late 2018, Ryland got back to writing lyrics. He began spitting rhymes to the glory of God, to make Jesus famous.

    “I fought it for a long time,” Ryland confessed. “I was like, I’m too old to start a rap career.” Then, the clarity stepped in. “God told me, ‘You’re not doing this for you. Get over yourself, and give Me the glory, honor, and praise that I deserve!’”

    photo credit: Michael Thaxton Photography

    One of the bars from one of the first rhymes the now-Christian-eMCee wrote was: “Because He saved me / I’m using every talent that He gave me / To praise JC!”

    Ryland Junior prays that the Word of God-inspired music he creates will attract both the true Hip Hop head, and those who simply love #ChristJesus.

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